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Passion for Spey

Passion for Spey

This is extremely exciting to me as I am taking my first baby steps with writing a blog. At first I want to welcome you all!

If I’m not fishing I’m thinking of fishing literally every day. That drives me to do all the other exciting things related to fishing. 2011 at San Francisco I fell love with spey casting. I saw all the best casters in the world competing at legendary Spey-o-Rama. That day changed my point of view about the whole fishing hobby. I realized how much more this hobby has to offer. I’m not a very competitive person, but the beauty of casting was revealed to me on that particularly day and that is THE thing that makes me distance hungry. There is a very sharp image in my mind how Gerard Downey casted with laser sharp loop ”over the wall”. Later, after I got my first competition rod that wall came very familiar to me. Landing a fly on top of the wall means about 50 meter cast. Ever since I first waded into the casting pool my dream was to hit the wall. At first I was desperately far from that goal. Soon I learned to know people from Golden Gate Angling and casting Club and I found out how warm, helpful and joyful people they are. I felt immediately like I was part of the group. I started visiting more often the ponds and received tips and advices that I will carry through my life. I will never forget those people! The moment that I was able to hit the wall first time is unforgettable. It felt like we did it together. If there is a thought I want to share with everybody, it’s:”do it together”. Sharing the moments of joy multiplies the happiness. Same rule works with disappointments, but of course the way that those less happy situations are easier to take =)

Another thing that I enjoy doing when not fishing is making reels. I am working for our family business, now operating in third generation, and that offers me a great opportunity to fulfill my passion. I have been working with metal since I was little child, but without all the expertise our company has I wouldn’t have been able to create my first reel. The excitement of assembling the first reel was almost overwhelming. I remember my hands shaking at first time in my life, from pure excitement. Since my first reel my skills and the reels itself have gotten fine tuned and now these reels are offered for fisherman’s all over the world that give value for hand crafting and high quality fishing gear.


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Wishing you all the best,


Markus Leivo