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Spey Lab -family

Spey Lab -family

All the members of Spey Lab -Family are passionate fly fishermen that are focused on developing their fishing skills on all aspects. We are devoted to gather as much knowledge as possible on a field of fishing and pass it on to others that are excited about this beautiful hobby. Huge interest towards nature, fishing and doing things together make us a solid group.

Markus Leivo

I started fishing quite soon after I learned to walk.   I received my first fly fishing rod and reel at the age of 11 from parents. Since that time, I have been passionate about all aspects of fly fishing, fly tying and the equipment.  During this lifetime journey I have always been fascinated by the fly reel and have become very interested in making my own equipment.  On this journey, I started dreaming of building a fly reel; it took me more than five years before I could even begin the process of building this reel. It took another year and a half before I had the confidence to show my first reel in public.  The process of building this first reel was a long arduous process but an extremely rewarding one.  I have had the opportunity to work in our family business of metal construction company in third generation.  This allowed me the opportunity to learn about the metal manufacturing industry given me the experience and knowledge I needed to start my own reel making company.  

During the time I studied classical singing in San Francisco I met many wonderful members of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club.  During this time, I was inspired to learn the art of casting the long belly line.  After practicing for many months, I decided to compete in the prestigious and widely accepted as the World Championship of Long Line Competition: The Spey-O-Rama (SOR) at the Golden Gate Anglers Pond in San Francisco.  I met some of the best casters in the world and these casters continue to be an inspiration for me. I believe I am the first Finnish competitor to compete at this world famous SPEY-O-RAMA TOURNAMENT.  My competition nerves were not ready to take the great pressure of casting in front of all the best. Soon after I returned back to my home country Finland and more determined that ever, I preceded to win the Nordic Championship in 15’1 Spey competition.  With needed self confidence that made me realize I can compete with the best, I also have won the Finnish Championships in 15’1 and 18′ Spey Casting since then. 

Finally, I cast because it’s fun; I make reels because I enjoy it and I fish because I love it!

Victor Yee


”Begin my flyfishing journey back in 1989 when I attended a 4 day Mastering the Art of Flyfishing school.   Immediately falling in love with the sport, I begin my membership at the world famous Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club (GGACC) and soon earned my Federation of Fly Fisher (FFF)  certification as a recognized fly casting instructor.    Afraid of the addiction to the spey, -two-handed casting and the fear of more cost, and more equipment, I was reluctant to advance to the next level.   However, I eventually broke down and seriously began around 2010 and took an active interest in pursuing the long-belly competition, better known as the Spey-O-Rama (SOR).   Each year, the GGACC in San Francisco sponsor the event that showcase some of the best casters in the world.   This is the same pond where I met Markus and started this journey to practice together and become participants of the SOR.   Allowing the opportunity to practice and learn from many of these casters at this one and only famous facility in the world., if not out fishing,  I am often seen at the ponds, doing what I love doing… that is,- trying to majestically launch my fly into orbit.”