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Competition Spey Rods

Competition Spey Rods

Spey Lab competition Spey rods are designed by Markus Leivo, CF Burkheimer Pro Staff Member, Nordic Champion and Finnish Champion in Spey casting. It took two years to get the design finalized. Main focus in the design was to make a design that offers as much energy from the butt of the rod as possible. Other aspects that were under a loupe were good lifting power, extra strong tip and overal durability of the blank.

Competition rods get under extreme stress every time they are used. Our blanks are propably the strongest on market. It is still possible to break any existing rod by over loading it or miss timing a cast. We quarantee our blanks/rods for one year for manufacturing flaws. After one year period rod is repaired at as low cost as possible.

Blanks/rods are delivered in soft rod sock.

15’1 Spey Lab Airbender blank 550 € 

15’1 Spey Lab Airbender rod 950 €

18′ extension for 15’1 rod, blank 120 €

18′ extension for 15’1 rod, ready to go 190 €


Shipping cost will be added.