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Casting clinics

Casting clinics

Casting is fun! It has to be, otherwise we wouldn’t be fly fishing. This aspect is emphasized especially when fishing Atlantic salmon. Hundreds or even thousands of casts are required to get the tug. We want you to enjoy of your fishing as much as possible. It doesn’t matter weather you are newbie to fly fishing or already competition caster, we are more than happy to help you get more out of this beautiful sport.

Spey Lab casting instructions and CF Burkheimer casting clinics are run By Markus Leivo, CF Burkheimer Pro Staff member, Nordic Champion and Finnish Champion in Spey casting.


Pricing for Spey Lab casting instructions, 3-4h:

1 person 80 €

2 persons 150 €

3 persons 210 €

4 persons 260 €

5 persons 300 €

6 persons 340 €


CF Burkheimer Casting Clinics schedule will be announced shortly. Clinics are free for everybody. We are offering these clinics so that people who are into this sport, no matter the level they are presently, get to update their skills and at the same time they have great change to test the best rods market has to offer today. We can tune your own gear, your casting or simply talk about fishing. These are not formal occassions. Focus is to learn and enjoy of the day in relaxed atmosphere.


Schedules of casting clinics are informed on our Facebook webpage and on Finnish site. If you are english speaker, please contact us via phone or email.